areas our expert tradesmen can help you!


We have a experienced plumbers on call 24 hours a day for all gas and water related plumbing requirements.


We have electricians working 24 hours a day on all kinds of commercial and domestic premises providing a rapid response for power cuts and emergencies.


We have emergency locksmiths covering your area 24 hours a day 365 days a year with maximum 40 minute response for lockouts and break in repairs.


When you have a blocked drain we can send out one of our drainage professionals to unblock your drains and get your water system flowing correctly again.


About us

We are experienced professional and waiting for your call!
Everything you need all in one place 24-7.

We have been helping local businesses and residents for many years when they have needed and emergency service. Because we run our company 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we are always on call to help when you need the services of a plumber, roofer, locksmith or even a drainage specialist.

In years gone by we only provided emergency service to our clients and we were very good at it. In fact we found that most emergency firms run things much better than companies who want to turn their phones off at 5 on a Friday and come back to work on a Monday.

Because we were so good at the emergency side of the business we decided to also take care of the general side. We now have many contractors working hard to give our customers peace of mind and a first class service no matter what type of property service they need.

  • Speed of response

    99% of all our customers were more than happy with the speed we responded when they needed an emergency service.

  • Quality of work

    Again 99% of all our customers who left reviews were more than happy with the quality of work provided by our tradesmen

  • Price

    In a world were everyone is looking for a better deal we were happy that 88% of customers were pleased with the price they had paid for our expert service.

  • Confidence

    Every single customer who used and reviewed our service said they were more than happy with the professional service they received and felt confident we know what we are doing (WE DO).


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MD Security / Locksmiths
Carl is one of the partners in the company who also manages the security and locksmiths team. He also makes music and has worked with some big names.
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MD Plumbing / Drainage / Electrics
Mark is a partner and runs the Plumbing, Drainage and Electrics teams. He is experienced in managing teams, loves holidays and is an experienced locksmith.
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Head of Marketing / Development
Mike is a partner who does all online marketing and promotion. Mike loves a drink and is an experience locksmith / auto locksmith.



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